With advanced simulation from ARSTPS, predicting the future is not left to your imagination, it is reality. Using best-in-class solution from mold flow, ARSTPS provides simulation for straight injection molding and related alternative processes. Combining years of experience with superior tools, our analyses assure the success of your project. From your earliest product concepts through final production tooling, ARSTPS simulation service keeps your projects on track.

With mold flow analysis, you will gain valuable insights into the dynamics of filling, cooling, packing and warpage. You will actually look inside your part and mold evaluating vital parameters before investing time money in tooling. Rework, repair and scrap can be a thing of the past. Imagine sampling your first part and having confidence that it will be right the first time. Think competitive advantage to combat out sourcing. Before your first prototype you can understand whether your design works.

What mold flow analysis does for you?
The process of product design, tool design and molding creates a complex set of relationship. Change one variable and the molded results significantly altered.

Before your design is frozen, let ARSTPS simulate, analyze and predict the results to assure your success. Utilizing our years of experience and advanced predictive tools here is a sample of information that you will have.


Fill analysis
 Optimize gating
 Optimize runner system
 Predict fill pattern
 Predict injection pressure
 Determine clamping tonnage
 Predict temperature
 Visualize shear rates
 Determine fiber orientations
 Avoid air traps
 Predict sink

Mold flow cool analysis
 Find hot spots
 Calculate time to freeze
 Visualize uneven cooling between core and cavity
 Defined required coolant flow rates
 Measure pressure drop in cooling system
 Optimize cooling lay out

Wrap Analysis
 Predict warpage
 Find cause of warpage
 Determine warp age due to orientation
 Predict warpage due to differential shrinkage

Package Analysis
 Calculate proper packing pressure
 Define optimum packing profile

Consultancy Project


 L & T Upper and lower body

 Flow Switch



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