Reverse Engineering is a very wide term generally used to describe a process of generating engineering parameters from existing product.

We confine our scope to describe reverse engineering in context to generating dimensional parameters of products.

The process of Reverse Engineering can be broken up into following constitute parts
1. 3D Scanning / White light Scanning
2. Surfacing
3. Solid Modelling

ARSTPS offers a wide range of reverse engineering services through most advanced and accurate equipments. White light scanning facility is available in our R&D centre with equipped staffs to work for customers demand.

White light scanning is a 3d-scanning process using a non-contact optical scanning device which uses white light source to project fringes on the part being scanned. The sensor of the scanner which is equipped with two cameras take several ../images of the part ( with fringes projected on it ) during the measurement and sends these ../images to a high end PC where an advanced image software calculates point co-ordinates throughout the visible area of the part under scan.

Unlike contact scanning, white light scanning picks up the point co-ordinates of the surface being scanned so there is no requirement for probe ball compensation and complexities / errors associated with it.

Process - The white Light scanning systems projects fringe patterns on the component and the two cameras simultaneously capture images, then advanced software algorithms triangulate and calculate 3d-coordinates of numerous points spaced all over the surface of the part. The area of the part that is within the frame (illuminated zone with fringes ) gets scan during a single measurement. For scanning complete part several such measurements are carried out and merged together with the help of markers fixed on the part. ATOS family is a two camera stereovision optical white light scanner which is considered best in its category &offers precise, reliable and accurate result. White Light Scanning is an optical 3D Scanning method preferred by most Industries for their 3D Scanning needs.

Consultancy Project

 Reverse Engineering of Bracket. Customer: M/s. Devahi tools, Chennai

 Reverse Engineering of Muruga Statue

 Reverse Engineering of Gear Plate - Automobile. Customer: M/s. GPV CAD CAM Solutions

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